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A professionally run, properly licensed, ISO certified maid services company since 1997, with operations in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. We employ over 130 maids and have over 1500 active customers...
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You can request a booking online by clicking here, or you can call 04 3983626 to speak to a member of the scheduling team to discuss your requirements. Please book well in advance, particularly outside of the summer season.
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spreadsheetsWhat we do

We provide maids to carry out basic household chores and office cleaning on a two shift basis per day, six days a week, as well as babysitting and party help...
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browserFrequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of Q's & A's which address the most common queries we receive. Please click here to visit this page.
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  1. Testimonial

Helpers and their staff are professional yet caring, and I have left my home in their care without any worry or concern, and I am very happy to recommend their services.
Nancy Wingate

The girls are always cheerful and attentive, and do their work efficiently and without any fuss.
Ivy Bailey

Helpers have really been a great help over the years and made life so much easier.

Cheeni Shah