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  1. Bookings made for our services are subject to 24 hours advance cancellation notice. If the client does not cancel 24 hours in advance the client will be automatically charged for the service booked.
  2. One-off booking invoices should be paid directly to the maid upon her leaving the client’s premises. Regular clients should settle their account before the month end by cheque, cash or bank transfer.
  3. Should the client desire that Helpers keep the client’s keys, we can do so and we do ensure these are kept securely at our premises. However, we can only be held responsible for the security of the client’s premises for the times and dates of the service booked.
  4. Clients must take out their own insurance to cover any accidental damage to their property during the provision of services by our staff. Although staff are trained to work with the utmost care and attention, accidents will occur from time to time and we cannot be held financially responsible for such incidents.
  5. Any complaints concerning the services provided should be brought to the attention of the management within 24 hours.
  6. Maids should be released from the Clients’ premises on time. If you require any additional hours please inform the office immediately so that the maids schedule can be checked and rebooked accordingly. Not releasing the maid on time has a knock-on effect which affects all subsequent bookings.
  7. The Client should inform the office directly of any changes concerning their schedule – please do not do this verbally through the maid , as this may lead to confusion and/or incorrect information.
  8. Although the maid is booked to commence her duties at either 8am or 2pm please allow 15 minutes each way for the maid to arrive or be collected, but she will always work the full time slot booked. Each driver often has 8-10 maids to drop this leads to a slight difference, although every effort will be made to adhere to the scheduled timings.
  9. The maids are your helpers for cleaning, party help and babysitting only and cannot be expected to provide any other services.
  10. Instructions for the maid should be clearly specified by the client directly to our office before the maid goes to perform her duties. This enables us to inform the maid clearly about her duties in the clients premises and avoid any misunderstanding.
  11. A vacation form will be supplied which enables the client to inform the office prior to their departure and return for holidays so that we can utilize the maid’s time efficiently during your absence.
  12. The client shall provide the cleaning materials necessary for the maid to carry out her duties properly and she will advise the client in good time if these are missing or finished.
  13. Please refrain from giving the maids presents, and although it is a well meant gesture from the client, each maid has limited space in which to store her belongings.

A copy of this document will be signed by both the Company and Client in respect of services provided on a recurring basis. For one-off bookings, the invoice shall represent the contract for services provided.


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