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Established in 1997, Helpers is today one the largest, professionally run and fully licensed maid service companies in the UAE, with operations throughout Dubai and Abu Dhabi. It is part of a diverse, financially sound group of companies engaged in electronic media, perfumery, real estate and international trade.

Seventeen years’ experience

With seventeen years’ experience behind us, we have maintained our leading position in the provision of home help services because whilst our main priority has always been provide a service that satisfies our clients’ requirements and expectations, we also take great care to ensure that our staff are properly looked after from the time they arrive in the UAE, providing for their accommodation and meals, transport, medical, overtime, leave and gratuity, and we have maintained these standards by adhering to the simple policy of working in full compliance with the regulations and laws governing our business.

ISO Certified

We also strive for continual improvement in how we carry out our duties and obligations to our principal stakeholders, namely our clients and our staff, and with this in mind we implemented ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management Systems over a decade ago, which ensures that our standards are monitored on an annual basis by an independent outside agency. We are the first and only company providing home help services to receive such accreditation.

Licensed Company

Most importantly, in 2013, the Ministry of Labor introduced a stringent new licensing regime to govern companies providing home help on a temporary hire basis, which included a requirement to provide substantial financial guarantees. Helpers was one the very few companies that has been granted such a license and we are now poised to grow the business significantly because many companies in the business today will be unable to meet the new licensing requirements. With this license, we shall have ample visas to employ staff legally and our customers do not have to worry about the large fines and penalties that they could suffer for hiring part-time maids outside of the legal framework.

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